Innovative solution for
Innovative solution for

of Safety Management System (SMS)

Plants falling within the scope of the SEVESO III directive are subject to the operating Safety Management System (SMS), which prevents accidents involving dangerous substances, and ensures protection against the effects of these accidents.

The SMS, to which compliance is a legal obligation, is a management and reporting system that allows you to build and maintain the necessary and sufficiently safe conditions that prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances.

The SEVESOREC software has been developed based on more than 25 years of experience from the experts of PROFES Ltd. in disaster-, fire-, explosion-, work- and environmental protection, which provides the necessary opportunity for creating a digitized, industry 4.0 compatible SMS.


Fully comprehensive SEVESO regulatory compliance based on domestic and international best practices and hundreds of control queries.

Audit/inspection design based on the SMS thematic structure specific to location, practical manageability to discover and record discrepancies and non-compliances.

Automation of records containing audit/inspection feedback (photos, audio files and descriptive comments).

Creating interactive relations between the expert responsible for carrying out the audit/inspection, and employees who are entitled to adjust the discrepancies and non-compliances.


In order for our clients to develop user-level knowledge of the SEVESOREC application, we provide them with expert support tailored to their specific needs from the beginning of the project to the closure of the first SMS audit.

Upon request, one of the PROFES Ltd. experts, based on a previous SMS audit, will assist you in a digitized way to improve your safety management system.

Connect your safety management system with the innovative digitalization services of the PROFES Ltd., which offers continuous expert availability, and complex support in creating protection against major accidents involving dangerous substances.


The first time software purchase includes a one year license. Subsequently, the rental right can be paused or cancelled without any penalties.

Annual fee Monthly fee
Plants, dealing with upper-tier requirement materials 1.910 EUR /year 199 EUR /month
Lower-tier requirement plants 1.620 EUR /year 169 EUR /month
Plants, under the tier-requirement 950 EUR/year 99 EUR /month


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